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Virginia Values Veterans (V3) Initiative:  FY13 Goals
(July 2012 – June 2013)

1. Re-capitalizing the Virginia Workforce and energize the Virginia economy as we emerge from the recession. V3 is an economic investment initiative to drive down unemployment costs and increasing income tax revenue by putting Veterans to work and keeping them employed.

2. Recognizing America’s Veterans and transitioning National Guardsmen and Reservists as an amazing resource because Virginia companies are now looking for world class employees.

3. Educate employers of all sizes to navigate and leverage the systems available so they can access these proven Americans and meet their organization’s hiring and retention needs.  V3’s primary focus is on Virginia’s companies with less than 1,000 employees. These companies collectively represent the overwhelming majority of the total hiring demand, and connecting them with the primary hiring and retention requirement, Initial Entry Teammates, is one of the goals. V3 will also be looking for enterprise companies to serve as models for their supply chain vendors and other smaller companies (teaching companies how to fish, not fishing for companies)

4. The Department of Veterans Services (DVS) is committed to kick starting the V3 Certification Process by teaching companies how to hire Vets and then develop incentives for Virginia companies to recruit and retain Vets.

5. Advocate for YOU! – Virginia employers who want to hire and retain Veterans. You own the core data element when you offer one Vet a job and retain them for at least one year. YOU must get the government systems to work for YOU. This will facilitate your job of identifying, recruiting and retaining these great Americans.

6. Conduct seven (7) Conferences and certify fifty (50) V3 companies.

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